To shoot a Pastor, a Professional & a High End Retailer
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Sunday, October 18, 2015
By Ken Maurice Kellogg, Sr
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It's not everyday I get the chance to shoot a minister, but Pastor Shannon Burrell had it coming!  As a leader, it is imperative that those that follow us see a good example of authority.  What does that mean?  Well first, we must look the part.  What we wear tells others who we are; our outfit acts as a uniform.  It introduces others to our mood, personalities and purpose.  For men of the cloth, wardrobe is more significant than most realize.  Ministers represent God.  Their clothes, accessories, aromas and attitude transcend their roles to the public; that's why people can often tell when someone is a "preacher."  



With Pastor Burrell, his aura is one of his own.  His style is one of a relaxed but energetic nature.  His choice of colors, textures and bling give him a sense of professionalism.  Since he is a Professional, his wardrobe proves true.  While he does have a nine to five, Shannon has high-end watches, bracelets and ties for sale.  He markets to the Modern Man and Woman.  


We'll share his contact information soon.  For now, if you're interested in what you see, let me know!!

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Kenneth Kellogg - Thank you sir!

I am ready to continue this journey with you! There are so many more details to unearth. Let's get started!
Shannon - Ken Kellog is nothing short of a phenomenal photographer! I explained what I was looking for and he executed with perfection . Ken's attention to detail impressed me as he brought to life all the ideas we brainstormed over the past few weeks! I will be requesting Ken for additional photography services as his creative energy has me thirsting for more!!!!