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Friday, May 13, 2016
By Ken Maurice Kellogg, Sr
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As an artist, I have had the opportunity to create many masterpieces in this life.  Within the last few years as a photographer, I have had the chance to capture the amazing speed painter known as Ange Hillz at several events.  We became good friends working together.  At one of these collaborations, he mentioned to me that he was engaged and would love to introduce me to his fiancé.  Joy and Ange met with my wife and I one afternoon and we discussed their wedding plans.  We clicked right away and they trusted my vision for their wedding day.


The evening of their wedding celebration, my team witnessed an Ultimate Nigerian Party!  Family and loved ones galore joined in and wished the bride and groom many blessings!  Take a look at the splendor of love as we celebrate the union of Ange & Joy!



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Dr. Lucky Anetor - Excellent job!!