Jamaal & Nicky at Ouisie's Table on San Felipe
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Friday, May 06, 2016
By Ken Maurice Kellogg, Sr
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Have you ever seen a woman and a man look into each other's eyes and just know that they are so deeply in love?!? 


When I walked onto the patio of Ouisie's Table, I could see that Jamaal couldn't wait to see his Love walk down the aisle to him.  He wore a smile that displayed pure happiness and anticipation of the next 30 minutes. 


Nicky also was so excited to see her mister.  She spoke of how much she loves him and couldn't wait to promise all of her love to him at the alter!  Moments like this really reassure me that I am meant to be a wedding photographer! 


Many Congrats to Jamaal & Nicky



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Rebecca Leavy - Words can not express how happy I am for my friend (sister)and her family!!! I've had the pleasure to witness my friend blossom from a girl to a phenomenal woman, mother, friend and now wife!!! When I first talked to Jaamal over the phone, I knew he was a perfect fit for Nicky's personality!!! However, when I met him face to face I knew for sure he was the CHOSEN one. An amazing father and man, he is indeed!!! Congratulations❤️
Karen Ransom - I was so elated to be attending Nickie & Jamaal's wedding! This has been a highly anticipated event for my entire family. Their love for each other has concorded life's challenges and has brought our families here to share with them the uniting of two lives as one! I know God will continue to bless the two of the as husband & wife, along with your beautiful daughter, Addison and son, Aiden. Our prayers & love to you all.
Deborah Minor - Two beautiful people ❤️❤️
Tajuana Williams - My sweet sister has found someone she can hold onto for life! I don't know if there are words to describe how proud I am of these two!!! Great pic! Really captured the moment!
Nicky - Wow!!! Is the first word that comes to mind when I think about that magical night when I said I do to the love of my life, father of my children, best friend and the chosen one whom God created just for ME!!!! It was such a blessing to have you there Ken to capture those sentiment moments in the way the No one else could have in the way that you did. Your creative eye and passion was off the charts. You are an amazing and talented photographer!!! Thanks so much for being apart of our special day!!