In Loving Color
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Thursday, February 01, 2018
By Ken Maurice Kellogg, Sr
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What does it mean to be in love?


If you ask Reggie what it is to be in love, he will tell you that it's a lot more than being with the right person. He believes that to be in love is to give 100% of yourself to someone knowing that she will honor him with a mutual affection.  He can devote all of his love to only her.  His goal is that they grow together in the union that they have created.  Even with all of the distractions around them, he is confident that their relationship is strong enough to stand impermeable.  There is nothing that can sway his heart from her.  She makes him a whole man.


If you ask Brittney about being in love, she will likely tell you that it means to be completely devoted to each other.  That all of her energy involves building an unbreakable bond together.  She knows that she can be herself with him without judgment.  He will encourage and boost her.  He is the love of her life and together they create magic!  She aims to support him in his achievements.  She knows that he carefully holds her heart and will protect it from all harm.  He completes her.  She can be The Woman for her man!


Together, Reggie and Brittney have illustrated what a real love affair looks like.  With their shared moments in laughter, amazing sense of style, passion of fitness and beautiful angel of a daughter, their expression of love is like a brilliant painting on the canvas of life. 


Colorful and Bright!

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Cynthia Mitchell - These pictures are gorgeous and captures the love in your eyes amazingly!! Many blessings and love your way for you all's marriage. Congratulations!!
Barrie Bergans - You all are such WONDERFUL inspirations!! . Absolutely beautiful pictures!

Continue being Blessed and God Bless your upcoming union ;-)