Congratulations Mark & Sara at the Downtown Aquarium!!
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Monday, April 25, 2016
By Ken Maurice Kellogg, Sr
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He fell deep in love with her at first glance.  He knew she had to be his wife.  She fell in love with him.  She became the very smile of his soul.  Now presenting Mr. & Mrs. Froggatt!!!


Full blog coming soon!!!

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Sara - What a wonderful professional you are. Thank you so much for your amazing work!
Ruth Ann O'Gilvie Jones - I love my cousin very much she is such a sweet person, inside and out and for her to say yes to Mark he has to be unique. I wish them well and I am very happy for them. He is a very lucky man.
Ken Maurice Kellogg, Sr - Mark, you and Sara are an Ultimately awesome couple and I loved serving you!
Lisa O'Gilvie ~Washington - I am ecstatic for you guys!! Can't wait for what's next!!!
Rosa Sanfrutos - Enhorabuena Mark y Sarah.
Tanto Lu como yo deseamos que seáis muy felices.
Un abrazo,
Mark Froggatt - Ken - wonderful job, really enjoyed working with you. Thanks so much.