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Sunday, February 11, 2018
By Ken Maurice Studios
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I've always been a humble guy. I am a believer of staying in my lane and doing my best at what I love. My only competition (literally) is myself. This is such a peaceful and powerful outlook on work and life in general for me. So recently when congratulated by a couple of current and former clients for my work being featured online, in print, and even on television... I was in awe myself!

I hadn't really sat down and considered how awesome God has been in allowing my work to be shared with the masses. What an honor! So in consideration of this enlightening, I thought I'd take to the time to THANK the planners I've collaborated with... and briefly share with you all the different outlets that have highlighted some of my work! Hope you enjoy!


Planner Collaboration SPOTLIGHT:

Helen Dailey - The Party Architects

Darryl Wilson - D'Concierge Weddings & Events

Ultimate Events Unlimited


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