Ken Maurice
Hey Guys! I am honored that you stopped by to check us out.  I am an artist at heart and enjoy sharing art with my friends and clients. (Sidebar:  So many of my clients have become friends that I can't even really count).  
So just in case you have a second to get to know me here are a few Q&A's:
Q:  How long have you been a photographer?
A:  All of my life!  (Haha! Not really though) I have been shooting professionally for about 8 years!  
Q:  What made you choose wedding & lifestyle photography?
A:  As I mentioned above (if you read that part), I am an artist, so it was really a "no brainer".  I started out (in life) drawing, painting and even "air brushing" (back when that was cool), so transitioning into timeless photography was easy!
Q:  How did you learn to shoot professionally?
A:  Thanks to a very talented/seasoned photographer that allowed me to shadow him for quite some time... I learned a lot of wedding & event skills that way!  I also studied, experimented, and learned on my own... the good old fashioned way.
Q:  What sets you apart from the competition?
A:  I don't see competition!  I have several friends locally and nationally who are just great at what they do, too!  We just all have very different styles and personalities.  I will say this though, I think what makes me stand out is my love for vibrant color, clarity, and taking risks while shooting.
BONUS:  Fun facts & Personal Stuff
  • I am a married, father of FIVE little people.
  • I love cheeseburgers more than life itself.
  • I am a minster in training at my church (I call myself a MIT.... it carries more swag).
  • I'm great at voice impersonations (pretty much any cartoon character or comedic actor)
  • I am an artist's artist so I LOVE shooting other photogs and creative minds!!!
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